How Our Kids Are Like Wildlife, in 6 Words

It’s Friday and I’m putting the phone away (except for pictures) and taking my wild animals to the zoo!

We all know that life with kids can often feel like zoo keeping, or safari hunting, or wild boar wrestling, or deep sea diving, or bird watching, or just a regular walk with wildlife. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re bursting with energy, they’re wild, and they’re silly.

Eli Pacheco over at Coach Daddy is awesome and put together a 6 word post from a variety of bloggers describing our kids as wildlife in 6 words. Since I’m taking my monkeys to the zoo today and struggling to find enough time in the day to get my own new posts published, I thought I’d share this masterpiece I was lucky enough to contribute to.

Go check out his blog and this animalistic post, and share with me how your kids are like wildlife!!!

Happy Friday everyone!