The First 15 Minutes of Daily Motherhood

Some days of motherhood begin with a less than ideal amount of sleep. Really, the early years of motherhood are riddled with sleep deprivation, and I’m sure it continues for different reasons as the years fly by. But some mornings feel better than others. This morning, I was tired and it took me the whole first 15 minutes to find my mom powers and charge my battery for the day.

Here are the first 15 minutes of pretty much every morning.

Wake up to a head butt and a nose picking by the 11 1/2 month old as he searches frantically for a boob.

Check to make sure all your teeth are still in tact, and hope he doesn’t find any boogers up your nose.

Laugh, play, snuggle and get kisses.


Get puked on, and thank God it missed your mouth (this time).

Clean your neck and shirt off.

Wrestle him like a wild koala for a few minutes hoping he’ll go back to sleep.

Give up. The twins are awake anyway.

Rub the sleep from your eyes, do a couple energizing breaths, pee with the youngest one on your lap so he doesn’t walk tumble down the stairs and go get the twins.

The next 3 minutes sound like this:

“Mom, I’m awake!!!
I’ve got a BIG poopy!
I need to poop on the potty.
Change my diaper please.
Where’s my ball?
Get it please!!
Connor’s not awake yet…. (Connor pops up from under the blanket. A celebration ensues).
He’s AWAKE!!!!”

(Connor cries) “Mom hold me.”

Ethan: “Mom hold me too!!!”

Luke reaches arms up and smiles.

Mom explains she only has 2 arms and that isn’t enough for 3 babies. Someone must suffer the plight of using his own legs.

Try to pick them all up anyway. No…it’s impossible. You may be super mom, but even super mom only has 2 arms.

Select the baby and whiniest twin and scoop them up as the winners of the “mom carry me” challenge.

All 3 begin the demands as you meet each one and work your way through the diaper assembly…

And the next 3 minutes sound like this:

“I wanna watch Peppa.
I wanna watch paw patrol.
I need some milky.
Mom I’ve got a big poopy.
I need a new diaper.
I wanna poop on the potty.
(Mom tries to get coffee) Mom, where are you going!??
I’m coming with you.
I wanna play outside.
I wanna watch something else.
(Mom fixes her hair into a fast pony tail) Mom your hair looks like Mickey Mouse.
I don’t wanna watch Mickey Mouse.
I want some cereal.
I need some new pants…I’ve got a biiiiig pee pee.
I need some more milky.
(After a reminder of the magic word) Pleeeeeaaaasssse!!?
MOM!!! Baby’s trying to eat my shoes!! NO BABY!
I need some different shoes on!
MOM!!! Baby’s eating the dog food!!
MOM, Baby’s grabbing my cereal!
Uh oh!!! I spilled my cereal! (Cries…comfort…clean)
Mom, come with me to get my other shoes.
I wanna go outside.
I need my jacket, it’s cold.
Mom, help me!!!!
Is it raining? I’m scared of the thunder.”
(Show the child outside, assure him there’s no rain or thunder, and even if there was, it’d be ok.)

Start the shoe parade.

Lose the will to live for a brief moment.

“I love you mom!”

Regain the will to live.

“I love you too bud!!!”


Get everyone dressed and ready to venture outdoors.

Fix all the super men’s capes.


Try to locate yours because you’re feeling a little less super power filled than necessary.

Where’s the coffee!?

Fish the baby out of the laundry room where his brother closed him in.

Gather everyone and herd out the door.

Breathe in the day as you watch them run and play freely.

Smile and say a prayer of gratitude for this life!









On those worn out mornings, it can sometimes take a few extra minutes to find the excitement for the day. But it inevitably comes because no matter how little sleep you’ve gotten, love and gratitude for our babies wins out every time.

What do the first 15 minutes of your day look like?

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