Reasons My Sons Are Having a Meltdown This Week (and Ok, Maybe Me Too)

We started the morning off quite well. I heard the boys in their room talking to each other at 5:45 and I thought, “Wow! They’re up on their own…and they sound happy!?? Its going to be a great day!”

I joyfully opened the door and woke them up in my usual sing song, “Good morning, good morning, it’s great to see your face! Good morning, good morning, to YOU!”

Because I’m such a good mom, I have paid attention to their requests for the “better light” and turned on the dim light rather than the main one because of course, understandably, that one is too bright for their precious eyeballs that early in the morning. I get it.

Of course this morning, all the lights were too bright. There was no winning the light war.

Next, I made the epic mistake of wearing my hair up. That started us off all wrong and it just went downhill from there.

After explaining my hair hasn’t been washed and is in an unacceptable state to be worn down today, I told my son He needed to wear socks.

It. Was. On.

That escalated the tantrum to a grade 10, requiring a “time away” in order to try and get a happy heart. After about 7.6 minutes of ear drum bursting screams, I heard silence and was relieved to know my son had gotten a happy heart. I walked in to of course find that what created the happy heart was that he took his godforsaken socks off and threw them across the room in revolt.

I sweetly explained, after hugs and praise for finding a happy heart, that we have to wear socks and shoes because it’s cold outside and if he doesn’t his feet will fall off. He seemed on board after I showed him how mommy and the rest of the universe has to do it too.

He was calm, happy and sweet and I thought, “Great! That was relatively easy. On to the shoes. Two year olds are actually pretty reasonable If you just give them a few minutes. Right!?”


After getting the socks back on, we of course had to do the shoes. And without fail, they were the wrong ones. Rest assured, had I put the light up shoes on first, he’d have wanted the other ones. Rookie mistake.

Somehow, thanks to his calm, cool and collected brother who was wearing the exact same pair of shoes very stoically, and the life giver that is Paw Patrol, he chilled out and forgot all about this morning’s hatred of foot attire.


After getting through that brutal 20 minute saga, it was onto the usual toddler struggles.

He asked for a banana, then didn’t want it. He wanted a jacket on, but I gave him the wrong one. He couldn’t walk on his own legs. He didn’t have enough hands. His “puter” (computer/Nabi Jr.) wasn’t working. There was a commercial on before Paw Patrol started. He spilled some milk. He wanted juice. He wanted to stay in bed. He had to pee. He needed to poop, but his poop wouldn’t come out. He wanted his balloon. He wanted a different balloon. He blew me a kiss and I didn’t catch it the right way.

I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

This was not this week, but it's one of the most amazing toddler tantrum pictures I think I've ever seen!
This was not this week, but it’s one of the most amazing toddler tantrum pictures I think I’ve ever seen! This was because his brother had a cup that he wanted…

In between each of these things, and moments like these throughout the week, there have been some absolutely precious, heart melting moments that have kept me from falling off the edge of sanity. Thank God for those because as many of you may know, toddlers are not the only ones who have tantrums sometimes.

Here are a few reasons I’ve almost melted down like a 2 year old this week:

1. People. The ex in particular.
2. Stress and sadness and chaos at work.
3. The babysitter told me my son is too old to breastfeed and that I need to stop….for the 178th time.
4. She told my older two sons they were like babies because they still wear diapers occasionally…even though they’ve had almost no accidents when they wear underwear at home.
5. She commented on how late we were after taking my son out of my arms before I was ready and before I’d kissed him 20 times.
6. Spills.
7. Lack of sleep.
8. Trying to workout with children running around.
9. Feeding toddlers dinner.
10. Finding out about made up bills I didn’t actually owe being sent to collection companies and affecting my credit…costing me money, time, brain space and sanity.
11. Realizing my body is thinking it’s about time to stop nursing my son (except for the morning and night), despite my hormonal argument with the babysitter.
12. Almost got in an accident on the way to work.
13. Couldn’t find a parking spot, which cost me an additional 25 minutes when i was already running late.
14. Finally found a spot but it was much too small, because people can’t park, and I accidentally played a little bumper cars with one of the vehicles. Someone else saw! There was no damage. It was fine.
15. Listening to people without children talk about parenting and judging parents for how they’re doing it.
16. Did i mention the ex games?
17. It’s only Thursday.

Oh, and I started my period this morning for only the 2nd time in over 2 years (thanks to the unexpected dwindling nursing sessions.) So at least we’ve got that much going for us. Which is nice! 😀

At the end of the day, despite the truth that kids can sometimes challenge your ability to stay on the right side of sane, my boys are the reason I have any sanity left. They keep me grounded, remind me what’s important, and make me laugh when, if not for them, I’d likely be crying. So regardless of tantrums and meltdowns from all of us, it’s all ok because we have each other.

And there’s this.


How has your week been? Let’s grab some coffee, or something a little stiffer, take a few deep breaths and discuss it! 🙂

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