Look into my eyes and see me. Find my soul.

Wrap your sturdy arms around my unsteady body and soak me in.

Draw me into your chest as my heart beats against yours.

Do you see me? Really see me? Am I enough?

Do I captivate your attention? Don’t look away.

Make me feel gorgeous.

Take down your walls and allow me to seep into your bones.

Pursue me. Forever.

I’ll do the same.

Put your hand in mine and reassure my safety.

Intertwine your fingers with mine like the veins of our love.

Call me yours.

Hold me gently and love me fiercely.

Encourage my voice and let me hear yours.

Listen to my heart. Awaken my spirit.

Slow dance with me in the kitchen.

Sway with me in the bedroom.

Move with me through life in perfect rhythm.

Dream with me. Fight with me. Run with me.

Grow old with me. Will you still find me stunning? 

Allow me to fully let go. Will you still be there?

Wait for me. Search for me. Find me. 

Tell me you’ve searched forever and you’ll never let me go.

Tell me you never knew love like this existed. 

Do you want me? All of me?

Stay desperate for me. Crave me. Yearn for me.

Is it worth it to you? The beauty? The pain? The risk?

Be strong with me. Be brave with me.

Leap toward me. Stand with me.

Hand in hand let us live. Really live.

I want to be yours, swathed in your arms, forever and always.

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