Our Beloved Football Guys: Softjox Review

My boys have always loved stuffed animals and blankets. They each have a “B” (blanket) that goes absolutely everywhere with them. It’s their comfort item, their best friend (outside of each other), and their security. If they get hurt, (beyond hugs and kisses from mama) the first thing they ask for is their B. Honestly, they’d probably be ok without mama as long as they have their B. Ok, not really…but the B is a close second.

Lately the boys have become a fan of their stuffed animals again. They sort of got abandoned for a while but apparently they’ve regained their cool so the boys have rekindled their connection to the stuffed sweeties.

Aside from their love of all things plush, they are also typical boys and love anything connected to balls and sports. (There was no pun intended there originally, and I could’ve reworded this, but I decided it fits, so it stays.) The boys are obsessed with any kind of ball. They’ve started getting into watching football with us on Saturdays as my whole family is filled with die hard Alabama fans, Roll Tide!, and it’s exciting. They’re growing into full blown BOYS.

It’s also nearing closer to Christmas time and I’ve been thinking about different ideas of things I’d like to do for my precious peanuts. Just in the knick of time for Luke’s 1st birthday, I was contacted for a review, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Given the time of year and my boys love of all things sports and softness, I was thrilled to get my first product review offer from an amazing company called Softjox.


I first have to say that they were an absolute pleasure to work with. Originally when I was asked to do a review, she said I could pick any softjox character to personalize for one of my boys. Since I have 3 boys who all want what each other has, I tentatively asked if it’d be possible to get 3. I fully expected her to say no, but she came back with, “Of course! Just give us the names and numbers you want personalized on the characters, color and size, and we’ll get them sent out.”

Wow! I can’t tell you how excited I was about that because I just knew only 1 would cause a problem. They had me at hello with that response!

I went to the website to select our football guys and fell in love with these little characters. Of course, I picked red and white for Bama! I decided to go with their first names and their birth order for the numbers.


I anxiously awaited the arrival of our guys, but didn’t tell the boys because I wanted them to be surprised. A few days later, a package came in the mail. This is always exciting, but it’s especially fun when I know something awesome for my kids is in the box. I couldn’t wait to see their reactions.

I gathered everyone up and we opened the box together. Here was their reaction…


They instantly fell in love! And so did I!

These little characters come in two sizes: standard (15″) and large (20″). We chose large and I love them. They’re perfect snuggle size for everyone. They also come in 4 different color combinations including black and white, blue and white, green and white, and my personal favorite, red and white. They’re so soft and plush, and very well made. One of my favorite things about these little guys is that there are no parts that can come off, get lost, or become a choking hazard. With Luke, that’s an important feature. Soon, there will be other sports characters available including basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey, as well as a cheerleader. There’s something for everyone!


The boys have played with their football guys, as they call them, since the second they arrived. We brought them with us to church, in the car, and of course to bed.

They love on them and treat them like their very own babies. So sweet! They’ve also tried to nurse them and change their diapers a few times! 😉


The boys even had a blast with the packaging they came in!


Everything about the Softjox experience has been a good one. They were so kind and such a pleasure to work with. The package came within a few days of selecting our personalized football guys. And the best part is that the boys LOVE them!

Softjox characters are perfect for kids of all ages. They’re reasonably priced and great for the football fanatic of any age, even your adult kids (like a husband!) 😉 I love how personal they are and the versatility of the product.

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a perfect little plush pal for your loved ones, I’d highly recommend checking out Softjox.

As an early Christmas present to my readers, Softjox has provided me with a 20% off coupon code for you to use so you can get your very own “football guy” for your kids.

Here’s the coupon code: SOFTJOX20. So head on over to their website and pick out your very own football guy! Happy shopping!

Also be sure to follow Softjox on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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