How to Get Pampered as a Mom

It’s no secret that moms don’t have much down time. Days at the spa (if those ever existed) are exchanged for days at the park. Freshly manicured nails are swapped for dirt stained stragglers. “Me time” consists of peeing with the door closed or hiding in the closet to scarf down some snack you don’t want to share. If you’re really lucky, you get to go to the grocery store sans babies, but that’s typically reserved for extra special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

All spare money and moments are reserved for our babies. And that’s okay. We do it willingly and happily. In fact, we wouldn’t trade a single piece of it.

However, every now and then we have to treat ourselves so we don’t get worn down. It’s important to maintain some sliver of glamour so we don’t lose sight of our former selves. The version of ourselves that wasn’t sleep deprived and covered in spit up, poop, dirt and sweat at all times. The version that remembers what it was like to shower on a regular basis and wear real clothes every day.

We need to be pampered every now and then.

Right now, a day at the salon is just not in the cards for me. I’ve never been a huge salon and spa girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to. But I’ve just always been able to create other things I’d rather spend my money on. When I did get the chance to get pampered at a salon, complete with a facial and a massage, I felt awkward. I’m just not that comfortable being waited on like that. I feel like I need to apologize to the person and thank them continuously for spending all that time on me. And then I feel like I should return the favor. People pleasing nature at its best.

I’ve worked on that part of myself and have gotten much better over the last couple years. Now the thought of being pampered sounds like a little slice of heaven. Yet, it’s still just not a realistic thing in my life right now.

Luckily, I am raising three kind hearted little men who love to take care of their mama.

I’ve been noticing I need a haircut here lately. Well worry not! The other night after baths and before bed, Ethan recognized my need. So without hesitation, he and the other two got to work on “mission make mommy over.”


Here are the results. (And yes, all the pictures are selfies because a photographer to capture all these wonderful moments is not in the cards either.)




I was treated like a queen. My hair was restyled, my face was washed, I got a little hand massage, and I got hugs and kisses throughout. I even got little imaginary snacks and a drink! I don’t know about you, but no former day at the spa ever came with all those perks included in the deal.

The only pay required at this salon and spa was snuggles, playtime, stories and kisses. And really, I feel like I was the one who got paid.

I’ve never felt so beautiful in all my life. ☺ I tucked the boys into bed after a long session of hair styling, facials, and hug huddles feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. No day at the spa could give me what I’ve gotten from a regular old night of motherhood.

And can we all just talk for a brief moment about how amazing I looked afterward!?!?


Motherhood changes your perspective on basically everything. Every day as a mom is a gift. Yes, we get tired and worn down. No, we don’t have much alone time and the last thing on our priority list is ourselves. But wow, what a return we get for our investment!




If you struggle to find the time away to take care of yourself, no worries. Allow others to pour back into you as you pour into them and give your kids the chance to show you some love by pampering you for a change. You deserve a night at the spa!!!

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