That moment when…

Life is hard. After all, it kills you. Katharine Hepburn

Life is always full of awesome moments. As a mom, those moments are multiplied. The awesomeness runs the gamut from maddening, to hilarious, to embarrassing, to absolutely breathtaking.

This week, there seemed to be more moments on the not so awesome side of the house. I realized that if I were getting periods, which I’m not because of breastfeeding (sorry men), this would likely be the week I’d have it. I have been moody and agitated and easily overwhelmed.

I’ve learned in life it’s really not about what happens so much as it is about your perspective on it. I try hard to maintain my perspectacles each day and find the good in everything, even if it takes me a day or so to get there. This week, in a few of the moments themselves, I didn’t have as good of an attitude as I’d have hoped. We all have our days and I’ve apparently had a few of them here lately.

Here’s a few of this week’s “That moment when…” mommy moments.

That moment when…

1. I said “shit storm” in front of everyone in my women’s bible study at church.

2. I had to tell my son to stop brushing his brother’s penis with a tooth brush.

3. I had to tell both my sons it is inappropriate to try and stick a tooth brush in between each other’s butt cheeks.

(You can’t make this stuff up folks.)

4. My son pooped in the bathtub…and then the floor…and then played in it, tried to eat it and then slipped on it in the bathtub. Bless!

I’m sorry for the grossness, but seriously…

5. All 3 of my sons tried to climb back inside my body, at the same time and I was unable to move without touching or holding everyone continuously. (This is an every day, multiple times a day occurrence.)

6. I was working out and my littlest came walking by just as I was doing a jump lunge and my hand knocked him in the head, sweeping him off his feet and onto the floor (Yeah, mother of the year. He was fine!)

7. I raised my voice and lost my cool at my sons over spilled water…not even milk! Just water! What is wrong with me!?? (In my defense, it was A LOT of water! Multiple times!)

Only the mediocre are always at their best. Jean Giraudoux

8. I got my hair cut for the first time since May, and she cut it exactly the way I told her NOT to and I was so aggravated about it I wanted to punch something and cry. (It takes months/years for my hair to grow and in 5 seconds she ruined months of growth. Pissed.)

I now have a cute little choppily layered shelf in the front… Perfect!

9. All 3 boys screamed the entire way through the grocery store because I wouldn’t allow them to continue fighting over a tape measure. (I know, worst mom ever.)

10. My youngest somehow snuck his tiny hands into the trash can and scooped out an avocado pit covered in coffee grinds and got it stuck in his mouth.

My life needs editing. Mort Sahl

11. My son had a full blown, snot bubbles coming out of his nose, threw himself on the floor, slapped himself in the face, needed to take a time out fit over me telling him he needed to keep his shirt on because it’s cold outside.

12. My youngest child bit my collar bone. In his defense, I think it was mostly an accident. (Teething is a beast.)


13. My sons laughed their tiny adorable heads off over hollering, “SHAMPOOOOOO!??? THAT’S SILLY!!!” over and over and over again. (This one made me laugh too though.)

14. The dogs destroyed a package that I’d been waiting for and I had to pick up 5,000 (literally) business cards all over the yard. Then under my breath I said, “stupid dogs!” (who I love) and then my son continued to repeat “stupid dogs” for 5 solid minutes.


15. Not 10 minutes later we couldn’t find one of my son’s blankets. Check outside where we last had it and the same dogs who destroyed the package were eating my son’s blanket. I probably yelled.


16. I allowed my sons to eat a few pieces of their Halloween candy prior to eating any real food just so I could also snab a few bites myself without feeling guilty for stealing their candy.

Sometimes we all just need some chocolate!

17. It was 38 degrees, windy and rainy for our long awaited night of trick or treating and we all froze to death in the name of fun and sugar. But we will not be moved…the fun will be had! And it was!

Wind blown, soaking wet and frozen. This is the true Frozen of Halloween! 🙂


18. All 3 boys were sick and the youngest one, who had been crying all morning unless on my boob, finally fell asleep and then my other 2 sick sons woke him up because they were screaming and crying while I peed for 3 seconds.


19. I was kneeling down and my youngest came and blew raspberries on my butt! I kid you not.

But of course, each of these moments were woven together by absolutely beautiful moments of motherhood.

Like that moment when my son helped my littlest nugget walk down the hill.


And when my little guy walked the whole yard holding my hand.


And then my other sweet pea joined us.


That moment when they all played in our heart of leaves.



And we carved a pumpkin together.


Then I got to take them trick or treating as the cutest skunks I’ve ever seen.


And then we got to swim in a sea of candy and eat way too much sugar in a 30 minute window and just enjoy being together.






“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.” ― Charles Bukowski

Regardless of the chaos and my less than perfect moments of impatience and over reacting, we made it through the week. Come to think of it, it was actually a really good week! Everyone survived and hopefully my emotional pms will cease next week. In the mean time, I’m trying to remind myself to live in the moment, even the messy ones.

Especially the messy ones.

What “That moment when…” moments have you had lately?

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