Before He Goes To Heaven: #DStrong

Cancer Sucks!

I see it everyday at work. I’ve seen it in my own family. I see it in the media. It’s everywhere. And it sucks!

Cancer is devastating and it touches and effects all of us. If it’s not us, it’s someone we know and love.

There’s something particularly evil about cancer attacking a child.

This morning as I rushed around like a mad woman getting myself and my three sons ready for the day; changing pee stained pajamas, braving the clothing battles, wiping noses, giving medicine for never-ending coughs and colds, pouring milks, meeting every need and demand they each had, I was acutely aware that I am so blessed to have healthy boys to struggle with in the morning.

Some families aren’t so lucky.

Some families are driving their babies to chemotherapy treatments rather than giving cough medicine. Some families would give anything to battle their child over what shirt they wanted to wear to school instead of the battle for their lives they fight each day.

As a parent, our biggest fear is losing a child. Watching them suffer in any way is a pain almost too great to bear and we’d do anything to take it away or take their place. We want to protect them and keep them safe and healthy forever, even though we know that’s impossible.

Life is scary and unpredictable and all I know for sure is that each breath is a gift we can’t take for granted.

Right now, thousands of little warriors are fighting for their lives against cancer. Thousands of warrior families are squeezing their babies for the last time.

One such warrior is named Dorian Murray. He lives in Rhode Island and he is 8 years old.

Dorian has been battling cancer for many years. Last month, doctors informed his family that his rhabdomyosarcoma was no longer treatable. He told his father that all he wants is to be famous in China “because they have that bridge…people walk on it” (referring to The Great Wall of China.)

He said that before he goes to Heaven, he just wants people to know who he is.

This absolutely cracks my soul wide open.

His parents just want to see him smile and their goal, as is the goal of all parents, is to help their baby fulfill his dreams before he goes to heaven.

We can help him!

We can’t take Dorian’s cancer away. We can’t lessen his parent’s pain as they watch their sweet baby suffer. We can’t make these kinds of things make sense.

But what we can do is rally together to make a little boy’s dying wish come true. We can be strong for Dorian. We can stand beside him and his family and show them that love wins. Not cancer.

Please help Dorian become famous. Share his story. Take pictures with the hashtag #DStrong and spread them across all your social media avenues. Tell your friends. Tell your friends to tell their friends.

Cancer sucks!!! But love wins!

We love you Dorian. You’re a warrior and we are all pulling for you!! Sending love, prayers and strength from all over the world.


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