Sometimes It’s Too Hard To Walk On Your Own Legs…And That’s Okay

My boys like to be carried everywhere. Despite their growing up, they still want their mommy to hold them and comfort them and carry them places whenever possible. It’s getting harder for me to do the bigger they get; but I do try when I can.

The mornings is when they particularly need to all 3 be held at the exact same time. No one’s legs work at 5 am. I understand it. My legs have a hard time working that early too. Usually I have to carry two down the stairs and then come back for the third because I just simply don’t have enough arms to get everyone at once.

The other day I tried it though and it worked. I carried one on my back and told him to hold on really tight, and then I had the other two on my hips. I walked down the stairs very carefully, and despite the 105ish pounds of monkey child strapped to my body, we all 4 made it down successfully. I wanted picture proof of this but a selfie with 3 children wrapped around your body is just not feasible. Sorry folks!

Most of the time when the boys ask me to hold them, they say, “I’m too tired to walk on my own legs. Can you hold me mom?” Even if they weighed 100 pounds each, who could refuse it?

So I scoop them up and I carry them with my legs.

Unfortunately I’m not always able to do this. Not for them, and sometimes, not even for myself.

Sometimes, I’m too tired to walk on my own legs. Sometimes, it’s too hard and I need someone to carry me too.


 There are times of my life where I look back and wonder how I got through it. There have been things that knocked me right down to the ground; and in those times, there’s a physical reminder that I wasn’t walking on my own legs.

I think if we are honest, most of life is really too hard for us to do it walking on our own legs. Sometimes we are physically carried by those who love us. Other times, we are spiritually carried, not only by those who love us here on earth, but by the One who created us in heaven. Truth is, He is always carrying us. His legs are never too tired and His arms are always enough.

It’s hard for me to accept help. This is a trait I have always had. I think this is a trait many of us have. There is a sense of need inside of us to handle everything on our own. To be able to say, “I did it myself.” We think it somehow takes away from the success of our accomplishments or even the pain of our trials if we have to admit that maybe we needed help to get through it.

“Generosity is giving more than you can…pride is taking less than you need.” Anonymous

I understand this need, but when you boil it down to its roots, it’s pride. We were created to be relational beings. Life isn’t done in a vacuum. From the day we are born until the day we die, we need help. Kids aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it; but at some point, pride sneaks in and we no longer feel safe saying out loud, “It’s too hard to walk on my own legs. Can you carry me?” In fact, we even judge each other for asking or accepting help that’s been offered.

There’s a push within us, especially moms (and even more especially, single moms), to not accept “weakness.” To pretend like we have it all together. To figure it out. Make it work. Find the strength. Carry on.

We do it. And we do it well most of the time. But sometimes, it’s necessary to admit our legs are weak and we need help. It’s only in our minds that we are separate from the rest of the world and have to take everything on in our own strength.

My kids remind me that although they think I’m strong enough to carry them continuously, and although I try, it’s ok to ask for help and admit my need to be carried too. I am so grateful that I have a family who has helped carry me, not only through this season of my life, but many. And I am humbled and awed by the fact that I have a God who carries me always.

He carries you too. Whether or not you have people in your life willing to help you walk when your own legs are too tired, there is always a God ready and willing to carry you, if only you ask.

If you’re too tired to walk on your own legs, it’s okay. All of us are. We don’t have to do this life in our own strength. We can’t.

So rest. Be carried. Accept help. You are strong, even when you aren’t walking on your own legs. In fact, maybe it is in those times that you are stronger than you’ve ever been.

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