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Now that I’ve been blogging a little while, there have been a few features and links I wanted to share here. I’m trying to keep a running tab of the wonderful link ups I participate in and the amazing places I’ve been featured, but it’s a work in progress so bare with me. I have left several out but hope to eventually get the completed list. I am so appreciative of each of these and hope to return the love by sharing them here. Hopefully the list will continue to grow as I do.


Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy

For Every Mom

For Every Mom: Inspiration For Moms

Writer for

Beyond Your Blog

Beyond Your Blog

Parent Tested Parent Approved Mommy and Baby E-Guide


Top Mommy Blogs

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Workout Trends

Life Blooming

This is Mommyhood

Healthy Family Simple Budget

Healthline: One of the Best AWARD Blogs 2017

8 thoughts on “Links and Features

  1. you area amazing, I do not have kids, but I read your piece dedicated to your future daughters in law and I could not stopped crying, because it was so warm, genuine and sweet, what a lucky girls they are going to be, same that your little rascals are having you as there mamma.


  2. Hi- My name is Krista and I am a special education teacher working with preschool aged children with special needs and challenging behaviors. I have developed a product called the Calm Down Kit, which can be used by any young child to learn how to navigate successfully through tantrums and learn emotional regulation skills. Do you do reviews on products? If so, I would love to send you one to keep and review.

    Here is a link to my website:

    Thank you for your awesome blog!

    Eugene, Oregon

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  3. Today I sat down and wrote a letter to my 5 year old daughter. The letter is for her time capsule shoe box. She will probably read it in her teenage years when she needs some inspiration or guidance. After I wrote one entitled relationships, I googled “relationships are like trying on clothing”. A phrase I’d written in the letter. I wanted to see if a like minded person ever wrote this sort of thing. This led me to an old post of yours about your boys trying on your shoes. It spoke to me a lot. As a mom of a girl, I see a need to teach her that you will find love, and it will end, and just as we outgrow our favorite dress, recognizing that we’ve outgrown it is just as important as when it fit. Thanks for making me smile as I read your words.


  4. Hey there. I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a woman who is pretending she owns your blog and page when she clearly doesn’t. Just thought you should be aware. Her name is Kitty Marie Collins. She has your blog and two others linked as that she owns / works for them.


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