Dadmissions: Why Men Peek

Women are awful to themselves. We often fail to see our beauty, and we certainly don’t believe the people who do. This post is an amazing reminder of the truth that women are goddesses, beautiful from the inside out. My family is full of men who view their wives this way, and women who struggle to accept it. One of the gifts a husband can give his wife is the ability to see herself through his eyes. I pray someday, I too will find a man who sees the beauty in me and helps me view myself through his eyes. Until then, I will appreciate posts like this that remind me of truth, and I will continue learning to view myself through God’s eyes.

Pete Wilgoren

It was early in the morning when I was still half asleep with bleary eyes… and the wife was already up and getting dressed… that it happened… I snuck a peek. I admit it. She was getting dressed and I rolled over and I snuck a peek. And I’m not ashamed. You know why?? Because my wife is a goddess. She doesn’t realize it. But she is. Because you all are goddesses and I don’t think you don’t realize it. But you are.

You don’t know it but you’re beautiful even at 6 in the morning rushing out the door to work trying to find the perfect heel to match the third outfit you just swapped from the closet. You’re beautiful.

You don’t know it but you’re beautiful even when you’re annoyed at us for leaving clothes all over the floor or the seat up in the bathroom and you…

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