Busting Through My Own Silence

Hello my long lost friends! Where have you been!??

Oh wait… It’s me who has been quiet over here!

It’s been over two weeks since I wrote anything on this blog. I really don’t like that. It makes me feel all anxious and itchy. Maybe that’s just the coffee and lack of a shower…but either way, being away from here for that long feels like I got locked out of my own house for two weeks.

Things start getting weird.

So, I finally found the keys and am coming home to take off my shoes and catch up.

I will tell you, I’ve been a little more chatty over on Facebook than here; which is sort of the norm. But if you aren’t already hanging out with me over there, do that so I don’t feel as disconnected from you!

I’ve got many things I’ve wanted to write about but when so many days go by without speaking, it starts to feel like an invisible hand has been placed over my mouth and eventually, even if I find time to speak, I somehow just can’t. The silence becomes sort of comfortable and in that silence, I start to question why I speak so much anyway.

But God has reminded me that while there is a time for silence, He’s given me this space and my voice for a reason. So I’m shaking that off.

I’m here.

I still feel a little hushed. Not by anyone or anything. It’s just kind of this blockage I have to break through. But like all blockages in life, the breakthrough is where the beauty is; and while I don’t believe I’m offering up anything monumental in this moment, entering out of this blog silence is necessary.

So in the spirit of busting through the silence, I’m just showing up to let you all know I am in fact still here (in case you noticed my silence.)

 It’s good to be home! 😊

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