My Sanctuary

When your children are first born, you think, “There is no more love than this.” And yet, somehow, with each passing day of motherhood, your love grows deeper. Your heart stretches wider. Your soul strengthens and your knowledge that nothing and no one can ever take away from that love expands.

I am convinced that there truly is no greater love on earth than the love between a mother and her babies. wpid-photogrid_1426645038418.jpg There has been a lot of life swirling about here lately.

The last couple weeks have been filled with hard things. Painful things. Hormonal things. Hurtful things. Emotional things.

Life things.

There’s more to come. And sometimes it wears me down.

At times, I feel pressed on all sides. Like I’m drowning a little bit. Struggling to keep my head above water, and definitely finding it difficult to make it look graceful.

When I feel overwhelmed with life and the demands of existing, my natural tendency is to pull into myself. To shut down and shut the world out.

As a mom, you don’t get that option. And I am so grateful.

My children are truly my sanctuary. My soft spot to land. My warm amends from a cold, cruel world. My resting place.

These boys brought me back to life almost 3 years ago, and they continue bringing me to life each day. They give me purpose. They give my life meaning. They restore my soul. wpid-photogrid_1426263193306.jpg Motherhood, for me, is redemption.

It’s grace.

It’s where heaven meets earth and the world makes sense.

Parenting is hard. But it’s not just hard because of the responsibility we have to teach these children how to be successful adults. It’s hard because it forces us to tap into every single inch of our soul.

It stretches us to the corners of our hearts and leaves us no choice but to bleed love. Having that much love for someone is painful. It’s the most beautiful kind of pain, but it’s pain nonetheless.

Sometimes I look at my sons and I am so overwhelmed with love that I literally feel like my heart might burst. wpid-photogrid_1426644714023.jpg Every emotion as a parent is magnified by 1,000. And we feel them all 24/7.

When our babies cry, our soul feels it. When they are in pain, we physically ache. When they are in danger, our fear is carried in the depths of our bodies. When they are happy, our joy reaches heaven.


That’s why there’s no breaks as a mother. Because even if you’re not with your children; in fact, especially when you’re not with your children, your thoughts are with them. Your heart is with them. You feel them every second of every day. And it’s a lot.

But it is because of this beautiful ache of love I carry in my chest that I know how to live. It’s in that breathtaking state of pain that I feel the most alive. wpid-photogrid_1426644820809.jpg So even on the days that I feel worn down and the weight of life makes it difficult to move, I look into the eyes of my sons and I find it. I find my strength. I find the purpose in it all. I find God. I find myself. I find love.

And the best part is, when they look at me, that’s what they find too.

My sons,

You are my safehaven.

You are light in dark places.

You are laughter when there would be tears.

You are peace when there is fear.

You are my strength. You are my wild.

I am your mother and you are my child.

You are my challenge. You are my test.

You are my everything. You are my best.

You are my laughter. You are my pain.

You are my hope. You are my grace.

You are beauty in its truest form.

You are shelter through swirling storms.

You are my purpose. You are my destiny.

You are my heart. You are my sanctuary.


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14 thoughts on “My Sanctuary

  1. So beautiful and so true. You captured the mommy experience so perfectly. I so relate-no surprise here-to kiddos bringing you back to life. I would literally very likely have ended my life if not for mine. They motivated me to pick up and keep going on with that pure love and need and joy that can only come from above. Keep on keeping on with your wonderful crew there. You are building an awesome family. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Marisa. I am so grateful for my babies and I’m grateful that you had yours to pull you back to life in your darkest moments too. what a gift they are to you and that you are to the world!


  2. Beautiful post, Rachael! Just beautiful! You describe a mother’s love so perfectly here. May you find strength in your lovely family through all of the tough times. ❤

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  3. This is so sweet! Our children really are the best kind of sanctuary! Life can be rough, including caring for the kids, but then with them, everything is calm. That’s when the overwhelming feeling of love takes over. You’re right, it is a type of pain. Such a lovely post!

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  4. The bond is so strong and as my boys grow older so does the bond. The relationship changes, because they’re not so helpless now. I was just thinking yesterday how much I enjoy my oldest’s company. We have real conversations now. It’s just so cool to sit and talk to him.

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    • I love that. Its amazing to see the bond deepen each day. I love being able to have real talks with my boys now…although they’re still so young, but I’m seeing their desire to talk and connect with me grow and it’s just so amazing! What a gift!


  5. This is so beautiful. Kids are such a blessing, since once you have them.. giving up is no longer an option. Since having my sweet babies I have never stopped trying to become a better person, even if i wanted to sometimes.

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