My Hot Date With A Movie Star And His Stunt Double

I never thought I’d be cool enough to spend time with movie stars. The prospect of movie sets and actors and all the fancy schmancy things surrounding Hollywood just never were on my radar of anything I’d have anything to do with.

But October 2013, that all changed.

We lived in Savannah Georgia at the time. My twins were about 17 months old and I was around 38 weeks pregnant with my little guy. Suddenly we started seeing the city transformed into a movie set. Talk of Antonio Banderas being in Savannah for filming was a buzz and at the most, I thought, “Well cool! Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of an actor somewhere! And if nothing else, it’s neat to say I lived in the city while a big motion picture was filmed there. Especially one my boys would likely want to see.”

Filming started and Sponge Bob was in our midst!

Pretty soon, word came that they were in need of identical twin toddlers to be extras in the movie. I thought, “Oh my goodness! I happen to have that!! It gets no cuter than them, so let me send in a picture!”

A few weeks went by and I’d forgotten about it, assuming they’d chosen someone else’s children. Then one morning, I was at work and I got an email!


I couldn’t believe it!!! My boys? Extras? In a real movie!??

We of course confirmed and agreed to be there. It was such an amazing experience. They treated us like royalty, putting us in our very own trailer, supplying snacks and drinks all day, and when we were on set, we had our own person assigned just to us who held umbrellas over our heads to keep the sun away and made sure we were comfortable and cared for.

Waiting on the set for our scene.


It was a little strange and made me feel kind of uncomfortable being treated extra special like that, but it was really awesome!

The star himself in his very own seat!
The stunt double!
Hanging with the crew!


Long story short, Ethan is who made it into the film. They wanted twins just in case they needed to switch them out, but Ethan did so well they just kept him. I felt bad for Connor but he still got to wear the clothes, get the royal treatment, and get paid, so he’s alright!

So, Ethan had his 15 seconds of fame early in life. He’s “Baby in stroller” being pushed by Nina Repeta down the sidewalk, having to dodge Sponge Bob and Patrick headed straight for them on a bike! Pretty big time stuff guys!!


Ethan’s big scene!!


The real mom and the movie mom!


It was a 2 second sliver of the movie as “baby in stroller,” but it was an awesome, once in a lifetime experience! At least for common folk like us! 🙂

Fast forward to this weekend…the premier weekend of the movie being in theaters.

I knew I wanted to take the boys to see it. They don’t totally understand that they were actually in it, but they will someday! They do like Sponge Bob though and have never been to the movies before, so this was a perfect opportunity.

The night before, I told the boys we were going on a date! A very special date, just me and them. Gigi and Pop Pop agreed to keep Luke and the date was set! They were so excited to go to the movies and eat popcorn and watch Sponge Bob with Mommy! It felt like Christmas Eve!

The next morning we woke up and the first thing they said was, “Mom!!! Is it time for our date!??” Be still my beating heart. I couldn’t wait to take my sweet peas on their very first date. We got dressed, took a few pictures, and we were on our way!




It was enough that it was a date with my sons; but the fact that I was on a date with a real live star of the movie was humbling. 🙂 Truly, a gift!


I wanted to bust into the movies and announce, “This is my son Ethan! He’s the baby in the stroller in the movie!!! And he’s MY date!!!” I contained myself and tried to act like everyone else, just there to see a movie. They may not have known they were amongst a star, but I did. And not only a star, but his stunt double too! It gets no cooler!





The only thing cooler might have been being able to make it to the red carpet premier party we were invited to in Savannah. Now that would’ve been an even more spectacular first date. Since we couldn’t make it, a regular home town movie theater sufficed. They didn’t cut us any deals even though we are practically Hollywood royalty at this point. But it’s ok. We will still thank them at the Oscar’s. 😉

Three movie tickets to Sponge Bob 2 in 3d: $27. Two junior sized popcorns: $9.50. Being the one to take your sons on their very first date: Priceless.

Aside from the awesomeness that is seeing your child’s face in a movie, it was such an honor taking my sons on their very first date. They may be movie stars but they’ll never be too cool for their mama!


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39 thoughts on “My Hot Date With A Movie Star And His Stunt Double

    • Thank you so much Melinda! It was really a blast and i plan on doing many more dates like that…both individually and all together. I actually hope to do dates with them even when they’re old! Haha…their wives won’t mind, right!? ☺


  1. So sweet! I bragged to Elijah about this. He was very impressed.The first movie date for my kids and I was not near as glamorous, but nevertheless memorable. It was Cars 2 for my major McQueen fan Timothy. With Elijah and Sarah and their special needs in tow as well, I was way anxious about how they’d handle the sounds and the big screen and such, but they were riveted and calling out cheers. Nothing like being out on the town with your kiddos!

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  2. Awe… How exciting!! That was so special. I was so happy for you so I could only imagine the extreme joy that you felt with your sons. Truly a blessing!! And you and your boys are a blessing to all who follow you. God bless you, Rachael!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How fun for them to be in a movie at such a young age. Living near Hollywood, I always see movies being filmed so maybe one day we can be extras. I’ve seen my fair share of movie stars though. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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