Tis the season…for cheesy Christmas movies! And other wonderful things!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I quite literally wait all year for it! 🙂

I just love everything about it. Aside from the true reason for the season, there’s the cold weather, boots, scarves, food, family, Christmas lights and festivities, peppermint mochas, warm fires, family traditions, Santa, the elves, and last but not least, the Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies!!!

Let’s just talk for a moment about the Christmas movies.

I love them! I love them in all their cheesy, unrealistic, ridiculous, glory and I am so excited they’ve begun.

Here’s the thing though….

I’ve missed them all!!!

Like, I’ve seen a few sporadic minutes of a couple hallmark masterpieces before they slipped through my fingers with a, “Mom, can we watch Paw Patrol!??”

Or it’s the impending doom of a 4:45 am wakeup call that awaits each morning and steals my cheesy Christmas movie joy!


When I get the chance to soak up the awesomeness that is a lifetime Christmas movie, I either come up with something else I should do, or, because I’m apparently 97, I’m too tired to stay awake and watch them these days.

This is really bumming me out. I look forward to this all year long and now, Christmas is days away and I have yet to watch a full Christmas movie.

How am I going to know if all the single moms found true love!? (I’m one of them this year so I feel a personal pull for these single loveless ladies at Christmas time.) What about all the widowed fathers on the quest for Christmas magic? The lost puppies and orphaned children who just need a warm home? How will I know if the lonely, grinchy business executive softened his heart and spread love and cheer for all to hear!? What will I do without the angel disguised as a homeless woman who saves a marriage and restores a family? How will I know if the note the little girl wrote ever made it to Santa!?!?!?!

I’m devastated you guys. Time is running out and before I know it, it’s going to be the new year and I’ll have to wait a whole year to catch this cheesiness again.

Luckily, Peppa Pig is doing some special Christmas episodes and the Paw Patrol is coming to the rescue helping Santa fly his sleigh through the tiny pup town. I’m irrationally excited for these Christmas themed episodes because, it’s really my only hope of having my need for Christmas tv fulfilled.

But guys, it’s difficult. It’s just not the same!

Don’t worry. I’m going to figure it out! It’s a short work week and I am determined to catch at least a little cheesy Christmas magic from Lifetime this year. Even if I have to drink coffee into the wee hours of the morning to make it happen. Hallmark, Lifetime and I have a hot date. I’m not sure when, but it’s going down!

In the meantime, I’m just about as happy as a pig in slop with all the other beautiful blessings and Christmas magic that is swirling about. If all that’s missing this year is a husband and cheesy Christmas movies, I think we’re doing pretty good! ☺


Let’s all try to focus on the blessings and beauty of this time of year, rather than any of the things missing from it. I’m sure many of you are missing much bigger things than Christmas movies. We all are in some way or another. But the blessings abound regardless and even if we had absolutely nothing, the true reason for the season is Jesus!! That’s more than enough.

So let’s celebrate that to the fullest. Let’s stand in reverence and awe of what is the true magic in this time of year. Let’s draw close to our loved ones and even closer to the One who loves us more than anything we can fathom. Let’s remember to be grateful. To show love. To extend grace.

And of course, if at all possible, to watch as many cheesy Christmas movies as humanly possible! After all, it is the second reason for the season!!


Happy week of Christmas everyone!!!!






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18 thoughts on “Tis the season…for cheesy Christmas movies! And other wonderful things!

  1. Have I told you lately that I love you?!? This is EXACTLY how I feel but you said it better than I ever would. I’ve been beside-myself excited for this Christmas. My kids understand it better than every before and I LIVE for this time of year. But I guess because when both of us started back at work was bad timing as far as Christmas enjoyment goes,. It’s like I woke up and all of a sudden Christmas season is almost over and I didn’t even have the chance to enjoy it starting! I have only seen CURIOUS GEORGE CHRISTMAS. And, I too felt somewhat okay with because I haven’t seen anything else. I need some Will Farrell dressed as an elf ASAP or I may cry myself to sleep come Christmas Eve 😛


    • Hahaha Alana…..I love you too!!!!!! I hope you got to see some Elf…because I did not! 😦 lol! Not enough time ever!!!! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the entire year and it always just whizzes right by! So sad…but it’s so wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope you did as well… Happy New Year sweet friend!

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  2. Adorable kiddos.:) Oh, I know how you feel. In the past few years, we had to go old school with hubby’s business just beginning, so we are watching what our antenna bring in.Not only that, but I managed to be busy in the kitchen during ALL of Ralphie’s quest for the Red Ryder BB gun, in the a(rare) soak in the bath when I was informed George Bailey was already on a desperate search for his 8,000 bucks, and I totally missed when Charlie finds that pitiful little tree and gives it love. But, in return, the brownies I baked blessed the kids’ teachers, the bath brought time for reflection and prayer(not to mention appreciative sniffs from hubby), and I got to share testimonies of God’s goodness with ladies at church while pouring over the Word together. While I truly looove me some Christmas movies, it is awesome how the Lord orchestrates to give us what we need when we need it.( I plan on posting on my blog on this when I can. So much to tell I’m near bursting) May you have the most blessed of Christmases.


    • Well that is beautiful! I pray I can find some time to catch up on your beautiful blog…I’m sorry I have struggled so much to write or respond to comments, much less read other people’s amazing work. 😦 I will get there though I promise! 🙂 I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and that your new year is off to a great start!


      • Hey, Missy! You have a full plate. I won’t lie. I really look forward to your posts and it’s great fun sharing mine, but I’m sure I speak for more than just me when I say, we understand.:)


  3. My son has wanted to watch Cat in the Hat Christmas all week, so that’s the only Christmas “movie” we’ve seen. I hope you get to watch plenty of cheesy movies. I’m also 97 and seem to be falling asleep way too early, before I can even watch a movie. I own ‘Elf” so I might introduce my kids to some Will Ferrel cheesiness. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


    • Haha Melissa…Elf is one of my favorites! So hilarious, and it never gets old! I didn’t catch many movies, but it’s ok. Time with family filled my time and that’s of course much more valuable. Merry belated Christmas to you and your family and Happy New Year!


    • Haha, yeah…the struggle is real isn’t it!? I only managed to see like half of a couple movies, but oh well… My life kind of has enough drama and suspense and love from my boys to be like a movie by itself, so that’ll have to do for this year! 🙂 Happy New Year to you!


  4. Yep, I like cheesy Christmas movies too! The shows playing in our house are kid-themed during the day, but come my son’s bedtime—the remote goes back to the adults in the house! 😉 My hubby and I have enjoyed watching a few of the Hallmark movies together this season. Sappy love stories with picture perfect endings—it’s nice to escape reality for a bit! Merry Christmas, Rachael to you and your adorable boys! Love all the pics. ❤


    • Thank you Hannah! I agree…escaping reality a little bit can be a great thing! 🙂 I’ve been trying to force myself to go to sleep instead of staying up escaping reality because I’m so tired these days! I’m glad you and your husband were able to enjoy some Christmas romance 🙂 I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and the New Year is starting smoothly! 🙂


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