“Let It Flow” (Frozen-Potty Training Style

My twins are 2 1/2. They’ve showed potty training readiness signs for a while now but I haven’t wanted to push them. I’ve basically taken their lead on the potty training endeavor because I’m not trying to win any potty related mom wars of how fast my boys conquered the toilet. It’s not a race. I trust that they’ll learn when they’re ready and I’d be willing to bet money they won’t go to college still in diapers.

So we’re taking our time.

But in the last few weeks, the boys have really become much more interested and I feel they are ready for me to get more serious about it all. So we bought the big boy underwear and we dove right in. We’ve been going strong for a few weeks now and they’re really doing great!

When we are at home, most of the time they’re in underwear all day. We still have occasional accidents and for some reason, trying to get them to poop on the potty is like asking them to stick their hineys in a shredder, but we’re getting there.


Like most all kids in the population, my potty training big boys have become huge Frozen fans. Despite their love of Elsa, we went with super hero underwear, and they love them. Not quite as much as they love the song “Let It Go,” but it’s close.


Today they were rocking out to “their movie” in between potty breaks and it hit me how easy it’d be to turn that song into a potty training related soundtrack.

So without further ado, I give you…

Let It Flow

(inspired by Frozen and the joys of potty training boys).

The pee glows bright on the toilet tonight,
Not a clean spot to be seen.
A kingdom of potty trainers,
And it looks like I’m the queen

The stomach’s growling with this poop they keep inside.
Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows they tried.

Don’t hold it in
Don’t keep that pee
Use the toilet, and please lift up that seat.
Whenever you feel
You need to go,
Please let me know!

Let it Flow, Let if flow
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it flow, Let it flow
Try to keep it off the floor

I don’t care
How much time it takes,
Let the fluids flow
The mess never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how a diaper
makes everything seem small;
And the pee that once controlled me,
Is now spewed all on the walls.

It’s time to see what they can do
To test my limits and break through
No dipes, no wipes, no breaks for me
It’s PEE!

Let it flow, let it flow
It’s time to get rid of dipes,
Let it flow, let it flow,
They just might see me cry.

Here they stand,
And here they spray
Let the fluids flow!

The pee drops flurry through the air into the ground,
They missed the cue and now there’s pee stained footprints all around.
My last nerve crystalizes like an icy blast,
We’re never going back;
The diaper’s in the past!

Let it flow, let it flow
Don’t forget to shake it off.
Now let go, now let go
No, your penis won’t fall off.

Here I stand
Any time of day;
Let the fluids flow,
That mess never bothered me anyway!

How has your potty training experience been? If it’s been difficult, maybe this little song will help lighten the load! (Pun intended!)

Happy potty training!

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52 thoughts on ““Let It Flow” (Frozen-Potty Training Style

  1. That is hysterical. You really need to do a YouTube video of you singing that! I bet it would go viral for sure! I also have twin 2 and a half year and boys and we are getting close to being potty ready, but not quite. They just sit there and sit there and nothing! They also love Frozen. Something tells me we’d have some pretty fun play dates, if only we were closer! Awesome song sister!

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    • Man, I know our guys would just love each other! Thank you so much Natasha! I am going to try to figure out doing a YouTube…but I am just not tech savvy enough, nor does anyone wanna hear me sing haha! Any ideas or leads of how to make it happen, send them my way! LOL


  2. Lol! I love love love your rendition! This is too funny. I love it! My potty training experience was an up and down one but I am proud to say I got him in briefs during the day. Now onto briefs during the night.

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    • Thank you so much! I know we will get there…they’re doing well but we are on the slow track potentially haha! But you know what they say about slow and steady…..we win the race! So it’s all good!


  3. Oh man!! I knew I had to read this when I saw the title. Thanks for the giggles. My little girl has been potty training for maybe 3 months now and we have good days and bad days. But unlike your boys, she never misses an opportunity to poo in the potty because she always had a bad rash when she would poo in her diaper. Pee on the other hand, or foot, floor, chair….yea….we are still working on it 😦

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    • Haha, so funny how they pick what’s ok and what’s not. As soon as I start having lots of confidence, we have an accident but it’s just all part of the process. We will all get there eventually! 🙂 Thank you for your support and encouragement!


  4. Hahaha! Absolutely love this post and love the song! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    We’ve finally experienced progress with my 3-year old son. He is now going without diapers or Pull-Ups in the day and just recently, he has been diaper-free all night. It takes some time, but it will come! 🙂

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  5. Hahaha, I am so sharing this on my page! Hilarious! I can definitely relate. I’ve been trying to potty train my little guy for awhile now. The part about asking them to sit on the toilet is like asking them to put their hiney in a shredder, that is EXACTLY how my little guy acts! >_<

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    • Aww thank you for sharing it Jennifer! I don’t understand why they are so opposed to sitting to poop. It seems very hard to poop standing up but that is their preferred method so far! Very frustrating… but we will get it someday haha. Glad mine aren’t the only ones with an irrational fear of their hineys in the potty.


  6. This is awesome!!! My oldest was 2 1/2 when he finally got the hang of it, my second decided to be crazy and he is pretty much potty trained at 19 months, every kid is different.
    I really hope I’m not the only one who sang this in my head as I was reading….

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    • Haha, yay! Thanks for sharing it Rebekah. I have to sing it too! 🙂 Good job on the potty trained kiddos. It’s tough but you’re right, they are all different. And they all figure it out eventually!


  7. Here’s another vote for a YouTube video! I thought, before clicking your link, that’s what you posted. C’mon, Rachael! The moms are chanting … YouTube! YouTube! YouTube!

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  8. This is SO GREAT, Rachael! Seriously, I didn’t know you were a closet song writer–are your talents endless??! 🙂 But really, this is fantastic and I have to agree with the other ladies, you should put it on Youtube if you have the time! 🙂 Yet another great post! I hope your boys keep letting it flow and that they get the bravery to poop on the toilet shredder 😉

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  9. 1. If you need inspiration for the video, check out Deva Delporto’s: http://youtu.be/bCNf5iVa-18. It’s amazing!

    2. I missed out on the wall mess portion of this, with three girls. Not that it wasn’t impossible.

    3. M&Ms, stickers and interlocking blocks from Arby’s kids meals served as worthy prizes for potty training. When Elise was in elementary school, she still referred to the blocks as “pee pee prizes.”

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    • Haha glad you missed out on some of the joys of potty training, though I know there are many whether it’s boys or girls. If you’ve ever been into a women’s public bathroom, apparently women struggle with the spraying issue as well….

      Good ideas with m&ms and all the incentives… Right now marshmallows and yummy tummies are the motivators. And I love that youtube parody. She really is amazing….. It’s intimidating and makes me feel insecure about my ability to create anything worthy of youtube. But i do want to try if at all possible… I’m open to suggestions for how to make this happen! 🙂

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  10. This is sooo good! You had me laughing throughout the whole thing! This song just lends itself to parody, doesn’t it? I think it is adorable that your boys are Frozen fans. Yes I too vote for a youtube video… 🙂

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  11. Love this and your creativity with that song!! Potty training is such a joy….not! When we were training our two year old I had to do the “full flow” dance for him which basically involved me doing an avant-garde interpret dance routine every time he went. I’d like to think I really owned and embodied the essence of pee, but I’m certain I just looked liked a fool. Either way, my little guy loved it. Nothing like performing that dance when company’s over…totally normal right? 🙂

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    • Hahahaha! And the best mommy award goes to you! I love that! The things we do for our kids and for pee and poop is insane isn’t it…? But not in motherhood! Potty training is tough and not my favorite thing so far, but we’re gonna make it I’m sure of it lol! Maybe I’ll have to steal that dance from you to go with my song…


  12. Great laugh for a night like this. I been getting frustrated with my sons pee going everywhere except in the toilet. I think after reading this that I might need to lighten up a bit. Thanks so much for writing something so silly fun and yet so true. I am new to your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    • Well this just made my night! Thank you! So glad you found me and I look forward to reading yours as well. Potty training isn’t always fun, but I do find when I can keep a light attitude about it, we all do better. But it can certainly be frustrating. We will get there! 😉 Glad you’re here!

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  13. Awesome! I let people push me into pushing my daughter, so potty training was horrid for a long time. When she was finally ready, it went from diapers to panties 24/7 in a week. When she didn’t want to poop in the toilet, I asked if she wanted a diaper. We did that for a month or more until she was ready to poop, too. I really wish I had put my foot down about pushing her too early. Her dad tells people how easy it was and how we never had accidents, but he wasn’t home hand washing poop out of undies for one week a month (when we’d try again).

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    • I hear ya! Its hard even when they are ready…so if they’re not…? Forget it! The boys love their underwear but here lately they want to wear diapers even though they are telling me when they need to go potty… We are making progress in the right direction though and Connor has pooped on the potty several times now so I am happy lol 😃


  14. This is hilarious! Loved it. My son hasn’t pooped in his diaper for months but loves peeing on the floor. Luckily, I hardly have any carpet in my house.

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  15. Oh, this is awesome! My kids adore Frozen( daughter is listening to soundtrack for the millionth time as I type). I was discussing this very possibility with my hubby one night and oh, the can of worms I opened. With every fart, he now sings”let it go, let it go…”Lol. I only have the one two year old left to train. He is getting there.Slowly.You’d think I’d be the potty guru after his three older siblings and five years worth of preschool students, but alas, every kid is different. We are all about songs around here, so I may have to add your delightful rendition to my repetoire.:)


  16. Haha, that is just too funny. That first photo is so great, my boys always peed together any chance they could. Now that the littlest of my 3 boys is peeing standing up, they all have to have a peepee party when they get home from school.
    It was so funny, yesterday morning my 3 year old just put on a new pair of “Thomas the Tank Engine” underwear. And he figured out what the hole in the front was for. I was shaving at the sink when he came in for his morning peepee. I heard him start peeing, and he said “look daddy”, and he had his peeper through the hole “I’m going peep-peeps with Thomas”
    It took me a few minute to figure out what he meant, but once I did, I couldn’t stop laughing.
    For those who don’t get it Thomas’s train whistle sound goes “peep peep”, while Gordon (another engine from that show) has a whistle that goes “poop poop”

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    • Hahahaha! That’s a weakness and hilarious!!! I’m giving you a three boys solidarity internet high five/fist bump!!! ✋🏼👊🏼 Love it! Boys are awesome! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’ll stick around 😊


  17. Haha, no problem. Here’s another funny one. Kinda graphic, but funny.
    My middle son when he was 4 (now 5) had a sleepover with his best friend from preschool school last year. Sometime after dinner, our young guest went to use our potty, and soon afterward I noticed there was pee all over the back of the seat and some on the floor near the back of the toilet. So, right before my wife put the two boys to bed, I brought them in the bathroom to do their pre-bedtime pee. I asked the other boy to
    “point your peeper down at the water”, and he said
    “no! It’s a ‘PEEPEE’ not a ‘PEEPER’!”
    I said “What do you mean bud?”
    He said “Look…” (Pulling his underwear down) “…it’s a circle” (meaning he was circumcised) then he pointed at my son’s foreskin and said
    “a ‘peeper’ is a triangle!”
    My son started giggling for a bit; I didn’t know what was going through that boy’s head at that moment, I just said “well okay bud, but just make sure all of your pee goes into the potty”
    Then, thinking back on my upbringing, what he said started to make a little sense. Me and my boys are all uncut, and my parents used to refer to my equipment as my “peeper” when I was really little, and back then almost all boys were circumcised, so I kinda knew where he was coming from. Haha, I know, TMI, but said boy’s mom was laughing really hard when I told her what her son said.

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