My Happy Place

Life is full of hard stuff, no doubt. But it’s also filled with beauty. It’s overflowing with things to be grateful for if we pay attention. From the fact that we woke up today, to having food to eat, shoes on our feet, and someone to love, there are thousands of reasons to be thankful each day. It’s easy to get lost in the tough stuff; but life is about learning to find the beauty in our brokenness, peace through pain, gratitude through loss, and joy through sorrow.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Berger of Working Mom Magic, recently did a post about what makes her happy, and she asked me to do the same. She is amazing and I love her blog, so do yourself a favor and check her out.

Pretty much, my happy place is anything involving my boys and my family.

Family is everything to me. Everything. They’re your first friends and the people who have to love you even when they don’t like you. God knows I’ve had my fair share of times it was hard to love me or like me, but they’re all still here and there’s a lot to be said for that!

So here are “a few” pictures of what makes me happy, makes me tick, and gives my life meaning; coupled with a little gratitude list. Although this will barely cover a sliver of all the many blessings and beautiful things in my life, it’s a start.

In no particular order, I give you…My Happy Places!

Bowls of berries and whipped cream at all hours of the night… because I’m an adult, and I can.

No one ever said I was a food photographer…

Snow days.


1 cent pony rides in grocery stores.


My sons in Olaf slippers.


Hot chocolate on a cold day.



Sweet, amazing dogs who have become my sons best friends.




Dinners that turn into snuggle fests and pile ups.


Potty training success (still working on it) and sweet brotherly love.


My boys having a wonderful, inspiring Pop Pop who they love so much that they want to be just like him…even if that means sleeping with a CPAP machine and a taped mouth! 🙂






Excitement over new, free toys! Thanks blogging, and Softjox!!!!


Quiet moments at night with my wild man, and the ability to still nurse him and maintain the unequivocal bond we have as a result.




Night time prayers. And any time prayers to a God who loves us unconditionally beyond anything we can comprehend.


Frollicking in the fall leaves together.





My son trying to squeeze his 2 1/2 year old body into 9 month size Santa pants!


My grandparents, who are just as loved by my boys as they are by me and my brothers.








This. (Anytime my boys actually eat, I’m happy…but I especially love it when they cross their legs and look like tiny adults having breakfast together.)


When they sleep.




First haircuts.


Dress up.



Dance parties. (No pictures of this because well, I’m always dancing! Ever tried to take a selfie in the middle of a dance party!? If you have, stop! Just dance!)

Amazing brothers who are the best uncles to my sons and provide them with an example of what real men look like. True Prince charmings, raised by the best Queen!


My mom!



Second chances, redemption, faith, hope, love, forgiveness…life!

Last but not least, Blogging! And every single comment, follow, share and like these posts receive. How amazing to be able to share my inner most thoughts, allow my heart to bleed out onto the screen, and have anyone care what I have to say. Thank you for letting me share my life with you!


Now it is my turn to nominate some beautiful people for this thankful, happy assignment. So, Keri from With Love From Colorado, Army of Angels, Marla from A Pendulum World, and Eli from Coach Daddy. What are you thankful for, and what is your Happy Place?

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26 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. What beautiful, beautiful pictures of family life! Your boys are so precious… I especially enjoyed your little man taking a ride on the back of your giant doggie… so, so sweet! Also, as a Nanny myself, I also loved the pictures with your grandparents. I just know those lovely grandparents enjoy the snuggle moments and crazy kiddo time as much as you do… Thank you for sharing!! Mother Hen

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  2. Love this post, Rachael!! All the pictures are beautiful, adorable, and real. Your boys are so cute! And I love this idea–I look forward to thinking more about my happy place and all I’m grateful for. Thanks for passing it on to me! ☺ feeling honored right now!

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  3. Oh my, what a beautiful post. You’ve got me smiling from the inside out with those gorgeous pictures. What little treasures you have in those boys … and what BIG treasures you have in those dogs!!! And an amazing family around you. Truly blessed 🙂

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  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Such a beautiful idea and great way to share happiness. By the way, I want a 1 cent horse ride to put in our home. I have never seen that and did not know they existed. Your pictures are beautiful and I loved the tape mouths in order to be like Pop Pop. So cute. Thank you for sharing and reminding everyone happiness is in the little moments.

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  5. Just beautiful pictures! I loved seeing all the ones of your wonderful family. The one with your boys trying to be like Pop pop was so precious. Your dogs are so adorable too!

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