Motherhood: Roller Coasters, Wrestling Matches, Dance Parties and Beauty

Motherhood is a rollercoaster. Really, it’s more like an entire theme park. Some days are smooth and easy like a sweet little kiddie ride. Some days are are fast and furious, full of twists and turns, ups and downs like the wildest ride in the park. Other days seem to never end- like one of those rides that just go round and round til you’re sick and dizzy- full of monotonous, mundane, daily tasks.

Motherhood has it all! The highs, the lows, the spins, the stalls. But much like an actual theme park, assuming you enjoy theme parks, you leave at the end of the day happy. You may have gotten dizzy, had whip lash from a couple rides, wanted to throw up a time or two, screamed, laughed, cried, sweated, peed your pants, lost a few personal items, got some blisters on your feet, and had the time of your life. You may be exhausted, but usually, you’re full of joy and can’t wait til you can come back again…after you at least squeeze in a nap!

That’s motherhood.

Some days are tough; but every day I have moments where I am so filled with love for my boys I feel like I could explode. The last few days, I’ve been on the verge of explosion.

From receiving rock gifts


To having my finger nails cut with crab crackers


To naked cowboys lassoing me like a cow


Ninja Turtle crime busters protecting me


And naked maintenance boys running around everywhere


There is never a dull moment!






There were pictures of the boys playing with their favorite body part and pinching it with the crab crackers, but I’d like to avoid jail for child nudity pics so I’ll keep those to myself. 😉

The last few days, the weather has been a dream as we enter the fall season, my absolute favorite!! We have spent hours upon hours outside playing, running, laughing, working and loving. It’s been heaven!



Although life, like motherhood, feels like a theme park sometimes, and although right now I am in a season of being on a roller coaster I don’t enjoy, my boys keep me grounded. They remind me what matters. Who matters.

It’s easy to sometimes get distracted by the loops of life. To pay too close attention to the drops in the rides that make your stomach feel like it just dropped out of your body. To forget to enjoy the ride because we’re too scared about what’s next. And to lose sight of the overall experience and overall joy because we’ve allowed ourselves to get too wrapped up in the hard parts.

Although motherhood has hard parts, those are strung together with good parts. Beautiful parts. Breathtaking, awe inspiring, amazing parts.





In the evening when the boys and I are inside after a long, busy day, we often have dance parties! Our newest song to dance to is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and it’s perfect. We also usually dance to Happy by Pharell (the happy song) and Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This by The Shirelles (the mommy song.) We have wrestling matches and tickle fights. We laugh, we play, we read, we pray, we enjoy being together. Those are the moments I live for. The moments we all come to life.

Those are the moments we throw our hands up in the air and enjoy the ride together.

It reminds me to literally shake off whatever may be bogging me down, at least for those few minutes. I can’t solve my problems or rid my mind of stress and worry by staying consumed by it. I have a chance to enjoy life, however, by living in the moments of beauty with my kids. My boys ARE the beautiful moments. Each day is a gift, and I don’t want to miss a second of it.



wpid-0917141945b-1.jpg“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

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15 thoughts on “Motherhood: Roller Coasters, Wrestling Matches, Dance Parties and Beauty

  1. Aw, what a beautiful family you’ve got. Yes, motherhood can definitely be a theme park-lol. I’ve got two boys under the age of three and I’m all over the place, with three little ones you’ve definitely got your hands full. Enjoy every moment 🙂


    • Oh that means a lot Jenny, thank you! I am,right there with you…I’ve needed the reminder myself becausebibstrugglebwith been exhausted the last few weeks. But what I keep remembering is that children aren’t hard…life is hard! Children are what make life worthwhile. They give it meaning and purpose, direction and richness. So they deserve the good stuff, even of I’m tired. But that’s not always as successful all day as I want, but the thought and goal is always there 😊


    • Thank you so much! And my gosh…I cannot keep them in clothes to save my life. Any chance they get they ask to be butt naked…and they’re not kidding haha! At least we live in a culdisac and have lots of woods and privacy so no creepers are watching us! Lol..and I can get them yo stay dressed in public, so that’s a win! 😀


    • Aww thank you! Haha, yes these nuggets always have their nuggets hanging out. Can’t pay then to cover it up, if we’re at home at least. And I have to bribe them to keep their clothes on in public or get dressed to go in public. They do have the cutest butts I’ve ever seen, but the rest of the world may not appreciate their cuteness as much as I do haha. Boys are a blast! 😃 (not that girls aren’t a hoot too!) 😉


  2. What a beautiful post. Raising kids is like managing an amusement part. It’s a lot of work but at least it includes some really fun rides.


  3. You are so right on, my friend! Ups and downs, monotonous and crazy! I’ve been really working on trying to focus on the moment with my little ones. No matter what is going on, they keep me overjoyed and filled with love. Great post!


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