There Ain’t No Rest for a Mama

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life with boys is non stop. Life with any child is non stop.

Many days at some point throughout the marathon of diapers, spills, toys, messes, demands, and time outs; in between the snuggles, kisses, hugs, praise, laughs and celebrations, I think, “Wow, there really are no breaks.”

When someone has been awake or needing me all but 4 to 6 of the 24 hour period, I sometimes have a song that pops in my head.

You all know Cage The Elephant’s song, “No Rest for the Wicked.” Well a lot of days I think, “There ain’t no rest for a mama.” So during nap time, (although it was only for 2 of the 3 today) I decided to rewrite the lyrics of that song to fit a day in the life of a mama. It’s really more like a 10 minute window of a mama’s day, but here it is.

There Ain’t No Rest For A Mama

I was walking down the hall when out the corner of my eye
I saw a handsome little thing approaching me
He said, “I can’t find my B. Where’d my brother go? Can you please get some milk for me?”

I want to watch Peppa, I want to go outside;
Or we can go grab my ball and play.
I said you’re such a sweet thing, please get down off of that chair.
He looked at me and this is what he said.

Oh there ain’t no rest for a mama,
Can you kiss my boo boo please?
You’ve got butts to change, you’ve got mouths to feed
There ain’t no way this floor will stay clean.

I know I can’t slow down, I can’t shower
Though sometimes I wish I could
Oh no there ain’t no rest for a mama
Until I close my eyes for good.

Not even 15 minutes later after cleaning up some poop,
When I saw the shadow of a boy creep out of sight;
And then he swept up from behind, he threw a golf ball at my head,
He made it clear he was looking for my time.

He said, “Play with me Mom! I want your love; you’re my life.
Sorry I hit my bro, I will be nice.”
I told him, “Yes I’ll hold you son, but first you know I gotta ask;
Can you use some words instead of only whines?”

I said there ain’t no rest for a mama
Don’t talk to me like that please
We’ve got rooms to clean, we’ve got baths to take
I just want to give you a tight squeeze!

I know they don’t slow down, they don’t take naps
Though sometimes I wish they would
Oh no there ain’t no rest for a mama
Will you please just eat your food!?

Well now it’s midnight, they’re asleep, and I was cleaning up the house
The little guy’s rest came to an end
And so I scooped him out of bed and I hooked him to my boob
And what I saw I almost couldn’t comprehend

I saw his big blue eyes, he was smiling right at me
He stuffed his belly with mommy’s yummy milk
And with his foot up on my face and his hand stuffed down my shirt
Oh yes, I wouldn’t trade a second of this gift

You know there ain’t no rest for a mama
There’s nowhere I’d rather be
I’ve got boys to raise, I’ve got souls to feed
There ain’t no other life for me

I know I’ll miss these days, they grow so fast
Though you know it’s all a joy
No there ain’t no rest for a mama
I’m too busy loving my boys!

I hope you enjoyed this little ditty and that it gets stuck in your head like it does mine when you’re running out of steam and wanting a break. :mrgreen:

Nothing in life is more of a gift and a challenge than motherhood. There are no breaks and there’s very little rest, but I wouldn’t trade a single second of it for anything in the world.

I thank God every day for blessing me with this chaos!

When life gets crazy and there ain’t no rest for you mama, just bust out a song and have a dance party with your nuggets! ☺
Do you have any songs in your head about motherhood? I’d love to hear them!

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14 thoughts on “There Ain’t No Rest for a Mama

  1. i also have 3 boys and i always hum to myself “there aint no rest for a momma” so i googled it just to see if i was the only one that crazy lol i loved it! Good to know im not alone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well if that isn’t one of the coolest things ever… Thanks for sharing that. Glad I’m not alone too… I sing all kinds of songs like this haha! What a cool way to find me… Maybe you’ll stick around a while 😉


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